VERA - VERNETZT UND AKTIV Die digitale Gesundheitsbegleitung





In 2012, the Bremen Heimstiftung won the Leonardo health prize with its project “Vera“. The project - meanwhile subsidized by the BMBF (the Federal Ministry of Education and Reseach) - covers the development and establishment of an interactive, web-based platform for the continuous monitoring of health of senior citizens living in the facilities of the Bremen Heimstiftung, a foundation for retirement homes.

With the help of a tablet-PC, this platform aims at supporting senior citizens in their everyday life and motivating them to become physically, mentally and socially more active. This is achieved by indicating in-home activities, e. g. gymnastics, as well as reminding them of doctor´s appointments or meetings with their grandchildren. At the same time the existing potential of the residential senior citizens is boosted in order to improve their state of health and their quality of life in the long run.

For the technical implementation of the platform and the supervision of the project, OFFIS was selected from several applicants. In joint workshops, residents and employees of the Bremen Heimstiftung developed the design of the platform. Currently, the technical development of the Vera platform is under way. The first facilities of the Bremen Heimstiftung are planned to be equipped with a prototype of the platform and to start the initial phase of evaluation in early 2014.





Webtechnologien (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery); Mobile Geräte (Android); Datenbanken (CouchDB)

Designing and Introducing an Activity Motivating Mobile Web App Platform for Seniors

Lins, Christian; Frenken, Melina; Halder, Luca; Hein, Andreas; 02 / 2016

Still in flow - Long-term usage of an activity motivating app for seniors

Lins, Christian and Hein, Andreas and Halder, Luca and Gronotte, Philipp; e-Health Networking, Applications and Services (Healthcom), 2016 IEEE 18th International Conference on; 09 / 2016



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End: 29.09.2015