Smart Diabetes 24/7 Diabetes management for young people through the use of sensor technology


Diabetes means a considerable restriction of everyday life, especially for young people. At the same time, they must learn to take more and more responsibility for their disease. The aim of Smart Diabetes 24/7 is therefore to give young diabetics better insight into the cause of changes in blood sugar levels. This will help them to better understand interrelationships and enable them to take targeted action, for example, to change their own lifestyle, change their diet, or administer insulin.

Through the targeted use of sensor technology, data on the behavior and lifestyle of the adolescent is collected and compiled into a personal information profile. This profile is made available via the diabetes 24/7 app or the portal, giving patients, caregivers and specialists access to current and historical information around the clock. This enables targeted action to be taken when necessary, so that patients can react better to fluctuations in blood sugar levels and their personal treatment plan can be adjusted accordingly.

Within the project, OFFIS develops and evaluates a user-centered and target group-oriented app design and is responsible for the planning and data analysis of the field study.


External Leader

Joke Bruining, Hanze University of Applied Sciences
More than Numbers: Self-Expression Centered T1D App Design for Teenagers

Fröhlich, Thomas and Willems, Rob and Kremer, Lisa and Dol, Aranka and Meyer, Jochen and Boll, Susanne; Proceedings of the 2020 ACM Interaction Design and Children Conference: Extended Abstracts; 2020

mHealth 24/7
University of Applied Sciences Windesheim
New Nexus Mobile
Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen


Start: 30.09.2019
End: 29.06.2020