ReCoDE Reference Platform Co-Simulation of Digitalised Energy Systems


With the increasing integration of renewable energies, interaction and coordination across grid levels and grid operators is becoming increasingly important in order to jointly manage the high volatility of generation and unexpected peak loads at all power grid levels. In addition, new market mechanisms and the associated flexibility requirements require closer cooperation between all system participants - digitization in particular is of particular importance here. Despite the great importance of examining this change for the energy transition, there are still no widely available and consistent reference scenarios or simulation approaches on the market to discuss them in a comparable way or to simulate them in an integrated way. These use cases can therefore only be simulated representatively with great effort, which makes necessary investment decisions more difficult and at least delays their implementation.


In the ReCoDE project, we aim to develop a co-simulation platform to make studies from current and future use cases in digital energy systems possible. The integration of these use cases into existing reference models (for energy systems, communication systems, and market mechanisms) and reference scenarios (relevant time series and parameters for specific models) as well as the further development of the reference models and -scenarios is of high importance. To make this a reality, existing tools, which are already standard in the field, have to be made interoperable so that simulation chains are consistently usable. In this project, central and widely used simulation and co-simulation tools (e.g. mosaik, SIMONA, OpSim, pandapower, OMNeT++/ns-3) shall be developed further in order to allow a deep, interchangeable, and quantitative analysis of central reference scenarios of digital energy systems. Especially the integrated simulation of information- and communication technology allows for new analysis possibilities for the aspects of robustness and resilience of innovative automation approaches in the energy system. The web platform which is to be developed in this project shall be usable in the long term for research and industry projects with a focus on open-source -tools and -scenarios.

OFFIS is especially working on the further development of mosaik and the connected ecosystem.

Fraunhofer IEE
TU Dortmund Gruppe CNI
TU Dortmund Gruppe ie3


Start: 01.01.2023
End: 31.12.2025

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