PICK-TO-LIGHT Development of a Pick-To-Light-System providing comprehensive processor controlled self test and remote maintenance functionality for voucherless picking in fast moving repositories. Motivation


In the field of logistic the efficiency of picking becomes more and more important. Especially the promptness and reliability in picking the respective storage location item and its preparation, e.g., for further processing or shipping, plays an important role. A significant benefit is gained from the application of Pick-To-Light-Systems in comparison to the classical hand operated picking systems, which require the physical availability of the delivery note or invoice at the time of picking. In Pick-To-Light-Systems a signal lamp with a numerical or alphanumerical display is combined with an acknowledgement key and possibly input or correction keys, mounted onto each stock case. If a stock case is at the next pick position, the respective signal lamp is flashing and the display shows how many items have to be picked by the warehouseman. The withdrawal is than confirmed by pressing the acknowledgement key and the inventory change is sent to the inventory control. One major disadvantage of the currently available Systems is their inability to recognise and handle malfunctions, especially malfunctions in the display.


The aim of this project is to build a Pick-to-Light-System, in which each display unit is able to perform extensive self tests, without the requirement of on-site staff. Thereby each segment of the display, as well as the integrated flow control and control system will be tested and malfunctions will be reported to the superordinated system. The OFFIS Design-Center contributes to this project by applying its special knowledge in the field of analog-, digital- and mixed-signal hardware design for the design of an ASIC Application Specific Circuit (ASIC).


Scientific Director


Start: 31.05.2001
End: 29.06.2004