MAMMOKOM Monitoring and multidisciplinary communication for quality management in mammography screening


In the next few years mammography screening will be implemented nationwide in Germany for early detection of breast cancer. Currently three pilot studies in Bremen, Wiesbaden / Rhein-Taunus-Area and Weser-Ems perform a quality assured mammography screening. The objective of these pilot studies is to examine how mammography screening can be implemented into the German health care services in accordance with the European Guidelines for mammography screening and the German law. OFFIS has developed a documentation system for the three pilot studies which allows the collection, management and evaluation of the screening data: invitations, examinations, and findings. A further development for assessment data will be the next step.


At this time there are only isolated and regional concepts for the monitoring of quality assurance. A standardised exchange of medical and epidemiological data and findings is a prerequisite for a multidisciplinary quality assurance and monitoring. The objectives of this projects are the research, specification and the prototyping of a standardised communication platform for distributed data to establish the basis for a comprehensible quality management which can be used in the nationwide German mammography screening.




Start: 31.12.2002
End: 30.12.2004