Making Sense Making Sense of my own Health Data – a Citizen Science Approach to Personal Health Tracking


Smart watches, activity trackers, intelligent scales and other connected health devices are becoming increasingly popular. With them, users collect personal health data - often even over several years. However, it is still unclear how they experience data collection with these devices in their everyday lives, whether they understand the data they collect, and what they use the data for.

The goal of the Making Sense project is to better understand how users interact with their personal health devices and the data they track in everyday life. For this purpose, OFFIS accompanies a total of 15 study participants over several weeks and interview them at regular intervals about their expectations and experiences. Findings from the study will support tailoring the design of data-based health applications to precisely fit the needs of users. This can strengthen acceptance and anticipate risks stemming from non-use or misinterpretation.

The project is funded by the DFG within the NFDI4Health call "Citizen Science, participatory quantitative research and knowledge transfer".


Start: 01.01.2023
End: 31.12.2023

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