KOKOSYS Communication Codesign on System Level


Project motivation:

For the communication of hardware and software via memory mapped I/O e.g. inan embedded system, it is necessary to specify the communication registers in every detail. Since this work usually needs to be done for hardware and software independently, this work is time consuming, difficult, and error prone. From this reason, a design framework called KOCOSYS that supports an abstract and target language independent modelling is desirable. The KOCOSYS design framework shall operate at higher level of abstraction that can improve designers productivity and the systems reliability through reuse and automatically generated target code from a COMIX specification, Especially users not being interested in implementation details can specify their application on a high abstraction level by connecting reusable and reliable components.


Project objectives:

The main objective of the project is to define, formalize, implement andvalidate a specification of communication interfaces between SW and HW in the embedded system design. The result of the project will be a methodology and a tool, exploiting and combining the advantages of object-orientation and XML technology. This will cover the full development cycle including interface analysis, specification, validation and target code generation. The specific objective of the KOKOSYS project is extensibility and integration of user defined components. This feature will allow to reuse existing SW and HW subsystems, and reverse engineer them into current design models. The validation model will be an executable simulation model of an integrated test system.



Start: 31.08.2001
End: 30.12.2002