Jade-Prof Qualifizierungsprogramm Jade Professuren am OFFIS


As part of the Jade-Prof project, four individual qualification sub-projects are being carried out to enable or significantly accelerate qualification in science and teaching. In addition to the professional profile, existing working group contexts and female professor mentors at Jade University were also identified in close cooperation, which not only forms a content-related bridge to the professorship profile associated with the respective projects but is also intended to ensure integration into teaching as early and purposefully as possible. The qualification sub-projects differentiate between measures planned to achieve the objectives in the qualification areas of "relevant professional experience", "academic qualifications" and "teaching experience" and define corresponding work packages for post-qualification and associated milestones relating to research and teaching activities over different durations.


In its 32-year history OFFIS has gained many years of experience in the qualification of its employees, who have left the institute with different perspectives after their respective employment and qualification periods. In this context, OFFIS sees itself as a "springboard" for highly qualified and attractive specialists in industry and science. The latter includes, in particular, successful appointments of senior scientists to professorships - especially at universities of applied sciences due to the high application proximity of OFFIS research work. Against this background, OFFIS and Jade University of Applied Sciences have jointly identified and selected four senior scientists who have decided on a career path towards a professorship at OFFIS and whose current qualification gaps are to be closed with the opportunities offered by the Jade-Prof project. In principle, the project enables further systematization and development of the career path "university of applied sciences professorship".

Jade Hochschule


Start: 01.04.2024
End: 31.03.2027

Source of funding

FKZ: 03FHP182C