InteGRail Intelligent Integration Of Railway Systems


The InteGRail project aims to create a holistic, coherent information system to integrate the major railway sub-systems and deliver a higher level of coordination and cooperation between the key railway processes. The objective is to achieve higher levels of performance of

the railway system in terms of capacity, average speed and punctuality, safety and the optimised use of resources.


By creating innovative concepts in the areas of train control and monitoring, maintenance, management and communications, the proposed project will completely re-define the basic elements required by each system. The project will assess the needs of rolling stock, infrastructure, traffic management (ERTMS), train operation and propose intelligent procedures to process all available additional information to its best advantage.


An all-pervasive, wide-band communication infrastructure, offering a suitable digital data link between trains and the ground installations, will be defined and proposed as the future reference standard in railways. Requirements coming from the definition of new services, both for train staff and passengers, will also be incorporated.


The project will seek wherever possible to build on results achieved by previous projects in the fourth and fifth FP (ROSIN, TrainCom, EuRoMain) and will cooperate with concurrent projects in FP6 (e.g. ModTrain, EURNEX).


The specifications developed in the project will be proposed as candidate standards, through dissemination to and cooperation with relevant standardisation bodies. The results to be achieved are fully intended to fulfil key objectives stated in existing and upcoming EC directives and TSIs.


OFFIS contributes its experience in specification techniques, verification and validation within the subproject SP3A "Intelligent System Monitoring and Control".


Scientific Director


Start: 31.12.2004
End: 27.12.2008

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