IKIMUNI IKT Kompetenz in Industrie 4.0 für kleinere und mittelständische Unternehmen in Niedersachsen


The topic of digitalisation will change many companies dramatically in the next few years. Old business areas will change or disappear, new opportunities will be created. In order to support SMEs in Lower Saxony in this upcoming change, OFFIS relies on the diverse expertise available and researches technologies that are easy to use and profitable at the same time. Free offers support interested companies in their transformation and establish OFFIS as a regional contact for SMEs.


The overarching goal of the project is to establish a centre of excellence for ICT in Industry 4.0 that provides technological, methodological and organisational support to small and medium-sized enterprises in taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the digital transformation to Industry 4.0.



Start: 01.09.2016
End: 31.08.2019

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