Martin Büscher, M.Sc. Director Technical Administration

M.Sc. Martin Büscher

Position at OFFIS

Director Technical Administration

Research and Developement Division

Institute Management / IT Services


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of Martin Büscher, M.Sc.


Optimized allocation of measurement points in under-determined power systems

Martin Büscher, Sebastian Lehnhoff, Sebastian Rohjans; IEEE International Energy Conference (ENERGYCON); 4 / 2016

Performance testing Smart Grid applications using a distributed co-simulation approach

Schloegl, Florian and Buescher, Martin and Diwold, Konrad and Lehnhoff, Sebastian and Fischer, Lars and Zeilinger, Franz and Gawron-Deutsch, Tobias; Industrial Electronics Society, IECON 2016-42nd Annual Conference of the IEEE; 2016

Towards Smart Grid-ready Substations — A Standard-Compliant Protection System

Martin Büscher, Matthias Kube, Klaus Piech, Sebastian Lehnhoff, Sebastian Rohjans, Lars Fischer; Power Systems Computation Conference (PSCC); 2016


Towards Smart Grid System Validation: Integrating the SmartEST and the SESA Laboratories

Martin Büscher, Klaus Piech, Sebastian Lehnhoff, Sebastian Rohjans, Cornelius Steinbrink, Jorge Velasquez, Filip Andren, Thomas Strasser; 24th IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics; 6 / 2015

Using Large-Scale Local and Cross-Location Experiments for Smart Grid System Validation

Martin Büscher, Thomas Strasser, Sebastian Lehnhoff, Sebastian Rohjans, Filip Andren; 41st Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society; 11 / 2015



A Standard-Compliant ICT Architecture for Flexible Protection Systems

Büscher, Martin and Trefke, Jörn and Lehnhoff, Sebastian and Rohjans, Sebastian; Expert Forum "Agents within the context of Industry 4.0"; 5 / 2014

Integrated Smart Grid Simulations for Generic Automation Architectures with RT-LAB and mosaik

Martin Büscher, Arno Claassen, Matthias Kube,Sebastian Lehnhoff, Klaus Piech, Sebastian Rohjans,Stefan Scherfke, Cornelius Steinbrink, Jorge Velasquez, Francois Tempez, Yahia Bouzid ; 5th IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications; 11 / 2014

SESA-Lab: Gesamtsystemische Smart Grid Simulationen Generischer Automatisierungsarchitekturen

Sebastian Rohjans, Sebastian Lehnhoff, Martin Büscher; VDE-Kongress 2014; 10 / 2014

Towards a Process for Integrated IEC 61850 and OPC UA Communication: Using the Example of Smart Grid Protection Equipment

Büscher, Martin and Kube, Matthias and Lehnhoff, Sebastian and Piech, Klaus and Rohjans, Sebastian and Trefke, Jörn; 40th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society; 10 / 2014