Corona - information on the current situation


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The Coronavirus Pandemic is still not over, it will face us with greater challenges for some time to come. Thanks to the restrictions on contact and existing hygiene measures, the spread of the new type of coronavirus has been contained. It is important to continue to follow the rules in order to avoid new infections and sources of spread. We are all called upon to be careful and calm in order to jointly minimise infection rates.

Since 16 March 2020, OFFIS has ordered home work for all employees, this regulation is still valid. It is especially intended to protect those who have to come to OFFIS facilities due to operational necessity. However, this does not mean a change for our research and project work. All work will continue as planned, all scientists can be reached as usual by e-mail or telephone. Our reception in the main building, Escherweg 2, is manned from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. to accept mail and parcels and to maintain the telephone service.

Your safety and that of our employees is our highest priority. We would therefore like to give you an overview of our protective measures and the applicable rules of conduct. Please do not visit us if you feel ill.

The visit of OFFIS is only possible for external visitors by prior appointment. During their visit at OFFIS all known hygiene measures, such as wearing a mouth and nose protection (MNS mask), have to be observed.

We regret the current situation. The responsibility towards our colleagues, partners and other people leaves us no other option. We say to all who, like us, are going through these unusual times: Many thanks for the sympathetic cooperation - and stay healthy!

General information

Face-to-Face Events

  • Face-to-face events (such as meetings or direct collaboration between staff in projects or in groups) can be held as far as the Corona occupancy cap of the meeting rooms and labs allows.
  • Participants of face-to-face events should always perform SARS-CoV-2 antigen rapid/self-tests prior to arrival, not older than 24 hours to the start of the event.
  • With the consent of all participants, the wearing of a mouth-nose covering on the court can be waived, provided that the minimum distance (1.5 m) is observed.
  • Should "overcrowding" of the meeting room be imperative, all participants must wear mouth-nose covering (FFP2 mask) at all times.
  • Classroom events must be announced in good time before the date for organisational coordination by e-mail to
  • Please include the occasion, date, room, time frame and the names of the participants.
  • · When booking rooms, care should be taken to ensure that there is an adequate break between
  • events to allow for hygienic cleaning.

Visitors (external guests)

  • Visitors must show proof of a negative SARS-CoV-2 test (not older than 24 hours) at the OFFIS reception. The tests should always be carried out before arrival. Alternatively, a self-test can be
  • carried out on site.
  • Registration (self-declaration) of visitors at the OFFIS reception (foyer) is no longer required.
  • Visitors must be picked up by the responsible staff member at the OFFIS reception and led directly to the event room. Visitors must also be escorted out of OFFIS at the end of the event.
  • Employees of the University of Oldenburg and tenants in the OFFIS building are not treated as external visitors (external guests).

Working in OFFIS: Buildings/Workplace/Work Areas/Traffic Routes

  • The order to work at home remains in place for the time being.
  • If a member of the household of an OFFIS staff member is infected with Corona, the staff member should use the home office and not take part in classroom events.
  • An office of 14 square metres or more can be used daily by two employees after prior consultation with the office colleagues and the respective supervisors.
  • The 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered) then applies. The office team assures each other of the vaccination status, if necessary by showing the certificates in the Corona Warning App or CovPass App. Supervisors accompany this process.
  • Workplaces directly opposite each other with a distance of at least 1.5 metres must be used. Plexiglas walls are not required.
  • Only at the workplace (desk) there is no obligation to wear a mask. Otherwise, please continue to wear a mouth-nose protection (FFP2 mask).
  • The office must be well ventilated on a regular basis (ventilate all windows and office doors fully open). Ventilation time every 60 minutes (orientation values):
    • at least 3 minutes in winter.
    • at least 5 minutes in spring/autumn.
    • at least 10 minutes in summer.
  • Short meetings in an office with a maximum of 3 colleagues are possible. All colleagues must wear an FFP2 mask at all times and the office must be ventilated.
  • Employees should work at the workplaces they normally use, as far as the space situation allows
  • Special arrangements can be made for employees with system-relevant tasks/functions or project critical tasks.
  • If necessary, small, permanent teams should be formed in order to avoid changing contacts amongst the colleagues.
  • Objects, such as tools and work equipment (including computer mouses and keyboards), should not be shared with other people. If this is not possible, the contact surfaces should be cleaned with the cleaning agents provided (see point 11) by the employees before handing them over and after use.
  • Contact surfaces (e.g. table, armrests, handles, light switches, etc.) can be cleaned by the employees if necessary.
  • Breaks should be spent at the employee's work area or in the outside area.
  • Staggered times of use (e.g. tables in the combi-zones, tea kitchens, lounge) must be observed with sufficient safety distance (at least 1.5 meters) and compliant to hygiene regulations.
  • The use of elevators should be avoided whenever possible. Otherwise, a lift should only be used individually, or in urgent cases, with one accompanying person.
  • Marked necessary safety distances (e.g. reception in the foyer, coffee bar in the lounge) must be observed.


  • If utilization is required, the number of persons must be kept as low as possible, and may not exceed the maximum number of persons specified for the room (see separate list of functional rooms with their occupancy capacity).
  • The lab must be well ventilated on a regular basis (ventilate all windows and office doors fully open). Ventilation time every 60 minutes (orientation values):
    • at least 3 minutes in winter.
    • at least 5 minutes in spring/autumn.
    • at least 10 minutes in summer.
  • If at all possible, do not share objects, such as tools and work equipment (including computer mouses and keyboards) with other people. If this is not possible, the contact surfaces must be cleaned with the cleaning agents provided (see item 11) by the employees before handover and after use.
  • Strict adherence to exclusive use of all personal protective equipment (PPE) and work clothing.
  • Workwear/PSA and everyday clothing must be stored separately.
  • Frequent cleaning of work clothes.
  • The general occupational safety standards (see laboratory regulations) continue to apply and must be followed.