Corona - information on the current situation


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As the corona case numbers continue to rise, we are all called upon to exercise caution and calm in order to jointly minimize infection rates. The most important contribution we can make as individuals is to reduce social contacts as much as possible.

Therefore, the OFFIS board of directors decided on 16.03.2020 to order home work for all employees. This serves especially to protect those who have to come to OFFIS for operational reasons.
Unfortunately this also means that we will close the OFFIS completely for external visitors, including the lounge. The entrance in Escherweg 2 is closed. The reception desk remains manned from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm exclusively for the acceptance of mail and parcels and for maintaining the telephone exchange.

We are sorry for the current situation. The responsibility towards our colleagues, partners and other people leaves us no other option at the moment.

For our research and project work, this does not mean any change at this time. All work will continue as planned, all scientists can be reached as usual by e-mail or telephone.

We say to all who, like us, are going through these unusual times: Thank you for your understanding cooperation - and stay healthy!