UML for Software Safety and Certification: Model-Based Development of Safety-critical Software-Intensive Systems

Huhn, Michaela and Hungar, Hardi
Model-Based Engineering of Embedded Real-Time Systems
With the proliferation of UML in the development of embedded real-time systems, the interest in methods and techniques integrating safety aspects into a UML-based software and system development process has increased. This chapter provides a survey on relevant UML profiles and dialects as well as on design and verification methods and process issues supporting a safety assessment. These subjects are discussed in the light of norms and standards on software development for safety-critical systems.
09 / 2010
LNCS 6100
CENELEC-getriebene Optimierung der Entwicklung bahntechnischer Systeme
Giese, Holger; Karsai, Gabor; Lee, Edward; Schätz, Bernhard