@inproceedings{babazadeh1078538, Author = {Babazadeh, Davood and Nordström, Lars and Wu, Yiming and Hohn, Fabian}, Title = {Distributed Two-stage Network Topology Processor For HVDC Grid Operation}, Year = {2017}, Booktitle = {IEEE PES PowerTech Conference}, type = {inproceedings}, Abstract = {This paper presents the results of an analysis of distributed two-stage coordination of network topology processor for HVDC grids. In the first stage of the two-stage processor, the substation topology is analyzed locally using an automated graph-based algorithm. Thereafter, a distributed algorithm is proposed to used the neighboring information to realize the grid connectivity. For distributed islanding detection, the connectivity problem is formulated as a set of linear equations and solved iteratively using successive-over-relaxation method. The performance of the proposed methods versus conventional one-stage method has been tested in an islanding scenario for a 5-terminal HVDC grid.} } @COMMENT{Bibtex file generated on }