Development of a Quantitative Validation of Valuation Methods for Power Plants and Energy Systems using a Simulation-based Benchmark

Steffen Wehkamp, Fernando Andres Penaherrera Vaca and Jorge Marx Gómez
Due to changing framework conditions, it is necessary to adapt valuation methods for power plants and energy systems. Up to now newly developed or adapted valuation methods have been validated qualitatively based on expert statements. In this paper, a structured development process for a quantitative validation of valuation methods is presented. The results of valuation methods are compared with reference values within a benchmark. To obtain realistic reference values, the economic and technical framework conditions will be mapped and simulated in a model. To support the plausibility of the approach, structured methods were used to create the benchmark and the simulation. The first results of this investigation are the requirements for the benchmark and the simulation. There is a need for further research on the implementation of the results obtained.
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