Customer Segmentation Based on Compensatory Fuzzy Logic within a Sustainability CRM for Intermodal Mobility

Benjamin Wagner vom Berg, Ariel Racet Valdés, Ammar Memari, Nasheda Barakat, Jorge Marx Gómez
Soft Computing for Business Intelligence
Today Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a major part of companies’ strategies to increase consumption of customers with the goal of profit maximization. The integration of sustainability in CRM is in progress on different levels (e.g. Green Marketing), but sustainability is not integrated yet in a holistic approach in CRM strategies, processes and systems. A main contribution of such a Sustainable CRM can be to influence the behavior of customers to a more sustainable consumption. For identifying the right customers and applying effective marketing activities it is necessary to build customer segments. The data of customers in this context are various and often fuzzy. In this approach compensatory fuzzy logic is used for customer segmentation based on user preferences. The case study shows the appliance of this customer segmentation within a service for e-mobility for different means of transport (electric car, public transport, train, etc.) with the aim to lead costumers to a more sustainable mobility behavior.
Studies in Computational Intelligence
Rafael Espin, Rafael Bello Pérez, Angel Cobo, Jorge Marx Gómez, Ariel Racet Valdés