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Development of a Mobile Functional Near-infrared Spectroscopy Prototype and Its Initial Evaluation: Lessons Learned

Volkening, Nils and Unni, Anirudh and Becker, Sabeth and Rieger, Jochem W. and Fudickar, Sebastian and Hein, Andreas; Proceedings of the 11th PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments Conference; 2018


EEG Recording and Online Signal Processing on Android: A Multiapp Framework for Brain-Computer Interfaces on Smartphone

Blum, Sarah and Debener, Stefan and Emkes, Reiner and Volkening, Nils and Fudickar, Sebastian and Bleichner, Martin G.; BioMed Research International; 2017

Gesture controlled hospital beds for home care

Fudickar, Sebastian and Flessner, Jannik and Volkening, Nils and Steen, Enno-Edzard and Isken, Melvin and Hein, Andreas; Ambient Assisted Living - 9. AAL-Kongress, Frankfurt/M, Germany, April 20 - 21, 2016; 2017


Characterizing the Influence of Muscle Activity in fNIRS Brain Activation Measurements

Volkening, Nils and Unni, Anirudh and Löffler, Birte Sofie and Fudickar, Sebastian and Rieger, Jochem W. and Hein, Andreas; IFAC-PapersOnLine; 2016


Detection of Floor Level Obstacles and Their Influence on Gait - A Further Step to an Automated Housing Enabling Assessment

Nils Volkening, Andreas Hein; International Journal on Advances in Intelligent Systems; 2015


Using an Autonomous Service Robot for Detection of Floor Level Obstacles and its Influence to the Gait

Nils VolkeningAndreas Hein; The Fourth International Conference on Ambient Computing, Applications, Services and Technologies; 8 / 2014


Housing Enabling - Detection of imminent risk areas in domestic environments using mobile service robots

Volkening, Nils and Isken, Melvin and Frenken, Thomas and Frenken (born Brell), Melina and Hein, Andreas; 6 Deutscher AAL-Kongress 2013 (AAL 2013); 01 / 2013



Florence – A Multipurpose Robot Platform to Support Elderly at Home

Lowet, Dietwig and van Heesch, Frank and Isken, Melvin and Volkening, Nils and Martinez, Leire; 09 / 2012

Preferred services of assistive robots for elderly: Results of user studies within the Florence project

Isken, Melvin and Volkening, Nils and Lowet, Dietwig and Van Heesch, Frank and Van de Wouw, Doortje and Brell, Melina and Hein, Andreas; Gerontechnology; 07 / 2012

Qualitäts- und Sicherheitskriterien bei unaufdringlichen häuslichen Mobilitäts-Assessments mit Hilfe mobiler Serviceroboter

Frenken, Thomas and Isken, Melvin and Volkening, Nils and Brell, Melina and Hein, Andreas; 01 / 2012