@conference{Jor2019, Author = {Jorge Velasquez, Carsten Krüger, Davood Babazadeh, Sebastian Lehnhoff, Rajkumar Palaniappan, Björn Bauernschmitt, Dominik Hilbrich, Christian Rehtanz}, Title = {Flexible and Reconfigurable Automation Architecture for Electrical Power Systems}, Year = {2019}, Pages = {6}, Booktitle = {Powertech2019}, type = {conference}, Abstract = {An increased penetration of decentralized genera- tion in the current electrical power system brings a number of challenges that grid operators need to address. With this in mind, the main objective is the control and protection of a het- erogeneous system that presents an unpredictable behavior which could ultimately hinder the stable operation of the present and future electrical infrastructure. Having this in mind, it is desir- able to bolster emerging control and protection systems to adapt to new requirements and possible constraints. Consequently, the project i-Automate seeks to develop a concept that is able to use the available standards, functionalities and hardware to bring forward a flexible and reconfigurable automation network to help system operators to cope with the different challenges here presented. For the purpose of testing such a concept a voltage control architecture is used in a distribution grid. Furthermore, a failure of one of the main controllers is induced and the reconfiguration of the system is performed. Finally, it is observed that regardless of the failure the remaining devices take the control of the system and are able to maintain the voltage within the acceptable range.} } @COMMENT{Bibtex file generated on }