DATE 2012 Friday Workshop (W2): Quo Vadis, Virtual Platforms? Challenges and Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

Leupers, Rainer and Haubelt, Christian and Rettberg, Achim and Grüttner, Kim
Nowadays, the deployment of Virtual Platform models is an industry-proven technique in a wide variety of design tasks from pre-silicon software development to performance analysis and exploration. With the increasing complexity, both in terms of the applications and the target platforms (e.g. increasing number of cores, more complex memory hierarchies), the Virtual Platform per se is not an answer to all of today’s design challenges. But by adding further abstraction to the models, an increasing need for automated mapping, refinement, and model transformations is needed. Formal, static, and dynamic analysis methods are increasingly dependent on platform details, requiring traceability during all design phases. This workshop aims to bring together developers, researchers, and managers from industry and academia to develop a perspective for the future use of Virtual Platforms by exchanging knowledge about current and future requirements and their possible solutions. The workshop will also provide some space for the provision of state of the art and tangible results and session on tool demos.
03 / 2012
COdesign and power Management in PLatform-based design space EXploration