TRANSACT Transform safety-critical Cyber Physical Systems into distributed solutions for end-users and partners


The goal of TRANSACT is to develop a universal, distributed solution architecture for the transformation of safety-critical cyber-physical systems, from localised standalone systems into safe and secure and distributed solutions leveraging edge and cloud computing. Cyber-physical systems (CPS) are all around us, but due to today's technical limitations and the possibility of human error, we cannot yet realise their full potential. A seamlessly integrated and connected architecture for such systems, via edge and cloud technologies, could overcome these limitations. To that end, TRANSACT will explore distributed reference architectures for safety-critical CPS, based on edge and cloud computing, ensuring that performance, security and privacy of data are guaranteed.

The project brings together large enterprises, SMEs, research institutes and universities from nine European countries that will demonstrate TRANSACT's capabilities through real-world use cases in five relevant business areas.


  • Model based safety & security analysis (MBSSA)
  • Co-simulation inter-operability (IOS)
  • Architecture, Design and Integration for Cloud based Solutions

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External Leader

Saša Marinković (Philips)


Start: 01.06.2021
End: 31.05.2024

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