Yosab Bebawy, M.Sc. Scientific Researcher

M.Sc. Yosab Bebawy

Position at OFFIS

Scientific Researcher

Research and Developement Division

Verkehr / Safety & Security Oriented Design Methods & Processes

Competence Cluster

Safety Relevant Cyber Physical Systems (SRCPS), Embedded Systems Design (ESD)


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OFFIS - Institut für Informatik
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26121 Oldenburg

of Yosab Bebawy, M.Sc.


Project Overview for Step-Up!CPS - Process, Methods and Technologies for Updating Safety-critical Cyber-physical Systems

Thomas Strathmann,Georg Hake, Houssem Guissouma; Carl Philipp Hohl, Yosab Bebawy, Sebastian Vander Maelen, Andrew Koerner; 2021 Design, Automation Test in Europe Conference Exhibition (DATE); 07 / 2021


Incremental Contract-based Verification of Software Updates for Safety-Critical Cyber-Physical Systems

Yosab Bebawy, Houssem Guissouma, Sebastian Vander Maelen, Janis Kröger, Georg Hake, Ingo Stierand, Martin Fränzle, Eric Sax, Axel Hahn; The 2020 International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence (CSCI'20); 12 / 2020

Measurement-based Online Verification of Timing Properties in Distributed Systems

Günter Ehmen and Björn Koopmann and Yosab Bebawy and Philipp Ittershagen; Proceedings of the 2nd IEEE International Conference on Omni-layer Intelligent Systems (COINS'20); 09 / 2020


Adaptive Time-Triggered Multi-Core Architecture

Roman Obermaisser, Hamidreza Ahmadian, Adele Maleki, Yosab Bebawy, Alina Lenz, Babak Sorkhpour; designs (MDPI); January / 2019

EDLD-Tool : A real-time GPU-based tool to stream and analyze energy-dispersive Laue diffraction of BIG Data sets collected by a pnCCD

A. Tosson, M. Shokr, A. Abboud, Y. Bebawy, A. Algashi, R. Hartmann, M. Klaus, C. Genzel, L. Strüderb and U. Pietsch; Journal of Instrumentation; January / 2019

Experimental Evaluation of SAFEPOWER Architecture for Safe and Power-Efficient Mixed-Criticality Systems

Maher Fakih, Kim Grüttner, Sören Schreiner, Razi Seyyedi, Patricia Balbastre, Mikel Azkarate-askatsua, Peio Onaindia, Poggi Tomaso, Alina Lenz, Roman Obermaisser, Adele Maleki, Yosab Bebawy, Duncan Graham, Nera González Romero, Elena Quesada Gonzalez, Johnny Öberg, Tage Mohammadat, Timmy Sundström, Salvador Peiró Frasquet; Journal of Low Power Electronics and Applications; 2019

Optimization of Frequency-Scaling in Time-Triggered Multi-Core Architectures using Scenario-Based Meta-Scheduling

Babak Sorkhpour, Roman Obermaisser, Yosab Bebawy; AmE 2019 - Automotive meets Electronics; 10th GMM-Symposium; March / 2019