Dipl. Inform. Eckard Böde Group Manager Safety & Security oriented Design Methods & Processes

Dipl. Inform. Eckard Böde

Position at OFFIS

Group Manager Safety & Security oriented Design Methods & Processes

Research and Developement Division

Verkehr / Safety & Security Oriented Design Methods & Processes

Competence Cluster

Safety Relevant Cyber Physical Systems (SRCPS), Multi-Scale Multi-Rate Simulation (MS²)


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of Dipl. Inform. Eckard Böde


Fundamental Considerations around Scenario-Based Testing for Automated Driving

Neurohr, Christian and Westhofen, Lukas and Henning, Tabea and de Graaff, Thies and Möhlmann, Eike and Böde, Eckard; 2020 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV); 2020

Identification and Quantification of Hazardous Scenarios for Automated Driving

Kramer, Birte and Neurohr, Christian and Büker, Matthias and Böde, Eckard and Fränzle, Martin and Damm, Werner; Model-Based Safety and Assessment; September / 2020


An Approach for Safety Assessment for Highly Automated Systems Applied to a Maritime Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System

Sebastian Vander Maelen, Matthias Büker, Birte Kramer, Eckard Böde, Sebastian Gerwinn, Georg Hake, Axel Hahn; 2019 4th International Conference on System Reliability and Safety (ICSRS); 2019

Identifikation und Quantifizierung von Automationsrisiken für hochautomatisierte Fahrfunktionen

Eckard Böde, Matthias Büker, Werner Damm, Martin Fränzle, Birte Kramer, Christian Neurohr, Sebastian Vander Maelen; Juli / 2019

Identifikation von Automationsrisiken hochautomatischer Fahrfunktionen in PEGASUS

Matthias Büker, Birte Kramer, Eckard Böde, Sebastian Vander Maelen, Martin Fränzle; AAET Automatisiertes und vernetztes Fahren; Februar / 2019


Eckard Böde and Werner Damm and Günter Ehmen and Martin Fränzle and Kim Grüttner and Philipp Ittershagen and Bernhard Josko and Björn Koopmann and Frank Poppen and Michael Siegel and Ingo Stierand; FAT-Schriftenreihe 316; 06 / 2019


Efficient Splitting of Test and Simulation Cases for the Verification of Highly Automated Driving Functions

Eckard Böde, Matthias Büker, Ulrich Eberle, Martin Fränzle, Sebastian Gerwinn, Birte Kramer; Computer Safety, Reliability, and Security; September / 2018


Design Paradigms for Multi-Layer Time Coherency in ADAS and Automated Driving (MULTIC)

Eckard Böde and Matthias Büker and Werner Damm and Günter Ehmen and Martin Fränzle and Sebastian Gerwinn and Thomas Goodfellow and Kim Grüttner and Bernhard Josko and Björn Koopmann and Thomas Peikenkamp and Frank Poppen and Philipp Reinkemeier and Michael Siegel and Ingo Stierand; FAT-Schriftenreihe 302; 10 / 2017

Learning from automotive: Testing maritime assistance systems up to autonomous vessels

Brinkmann, Böde, Lamm, Vander Maelen, Hahn; OCEANS 2017 - Aberdeen; Juni / 2017

Learning from Automotive: Testing Maritime Assistance Systems up to Autonomous Vessels.

M. Brinkmann, E. Böde, A. Lamm, S. Vander Maelen and A. Hahn; Proceedings of Oceans 2017; 2017



Contract-Based Design of Embedded Systems Integrating Nominal Behavior and Safety

Kaiser, Bernhard and Weber, Raphael and Oertel, Markus and Böde, Eckard and Nejad, Behrang Monajemi and Zander, Justyna; Complex Systems Informatics and Modeling Quarterly; 2015

SafeTRANS: Safety, Testen und Entwicklungsprozesse hochautomatisierter Systeme

Böde, Eckard and Daembkes, Heinrich and Damm, Werner and Griebel, Franziska and Köster, Frank and Lemmer, Karsten and Lüdtke, Andreas and Niehaus, Jürgen and Peikenkamp, Thomas; Haus der Technik (Expert Verlag); 2015



Contract-based Safety: Specification and Application Guidelines

Markus Oertel and Ahmed Mahdi and Eckard Böde and Achim Rettberg; Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Emerging Ideas and Trends in Engineering of Cyber-Physical Systems (EITEC 2014); 2014

Expressing Best Practices in (Risk) Analysis and Testing of Safety-Critical Systems Using Patterns

Wolfgang Herzner and Sven Sieverding and Thomas Bauer and Brian Nielsen and Omar Kacimi and Eckard Böde; 2nd International Workshop on Risk Assessment and Risk-driven Testing; 11 / 2014

Proving Compliance of Implementation Models to Safety Specifications

Markus Oertel, Omar Kacimi, Eckard Boede; Computer Safety, Reliability, and Security; 9 / 2014


A Method for Guided Hazard Identification and Risk Mitigation for Offshore Operations

Läsche, Christoph and Böde, Eckard and Peikenkamp, Thomas; Computer Safety, Reliability, and Security; 9 / 2012

Model-Based Risk Assessment Supporting Development of HSE Plans for Safe Offshore Operations

Droste, Rainer and Läsche, Christoph and Sobiech, Cilli and Böde, Eckard and Hahn Axel; Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems; 8 / 2012



Architecture Modeling

Andreas Baumgart, Eckard Böde, Matthias Büker, Werner Damm, Günter Ehmen, Tayfun Gezgin, Stefan Henkler, Hardi Hungar, Bernhard Josko, Markus Oertel, Thomas Peikenkamp, Philipp Reinkemeier, Ingo Stierand, Raphael Weber; 3 / 2011

Model-Based Safety Assessment for the Three Stages of Refinement of the System Development Process in ARP4754A

Seguin, Christel and Bieber, Pierre and Böde, Eckard and Bozzano, Marco and Bretschneider, Matthias and Cavallo, Antonella and Deneux, Johann and Heckmann, Jean-Pierre and Lisagor, Oleg and Morel, Marion and Papadopoulos, Chris and Sagaspe, Laurent and Sartor, Valerie and Delmas, Rémi ; 10 / 2011



Contract Based Assessment of Safety Critical Systems

Böde, Eckard and Gebhardt, Sebastian and Peikenkamp, Thomas ; 05 / 2010



Model Based Importance Analysis for Minimal Cut Sets

Böde, Eckard and Peikenkamp, Thomas and Rakow, Jan and Wischmeyer, Samuel; Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Automated Technology for Verification and Analysis; 10 / 2008

Model based importance analysis for minimal cut sets

Böde, Eckard and Peikenkamp, Thomas and Rakow, Jan and Wischmeyer, Samuel; AVACS Technical Report; 04 / 2008



Adding Value to automotive models

Eckard Böde and Werner Damm and Jarl Hoyem and Bernhard Josko and Jürgen Niehaus and Marc Segelken; Automotive Software - Connected Services in Mobile Networks; 01 / 2006

Analysis of Large Safety-Critical Systems: A quantitative Approach

Herbstritt, Marc and Wimmer, Ralf and Peikenkamp, Thomas and Böde, Eckard and Adelaide, Michael and Johr, Sven and Hermanns, Holger and Becker, Bernd; AVACS Technical Report; 02 / 2006

Compositional Performability Evaluation for STATEMATE

Böde, Eckard and Herbstritt, Marc and Hermanns, Holger and Johr, Sven and Peikenkamp, Thomas and Pulungan, Reza and Wimmer, Ralf and Becker, Bernd; QEST '06: Proceedings of the 3rd international conference on the Quantitative Evaluation of Systems; 09 / 2006

Model-based Safety Analysis of a Flap Control System

Peikenkamp, T. and Böde, E. and Brückner, I. and Spenke, H. and Bretschneider, M. and Holberg, H.-J.; Proceedings of the INCOSE 2004 - 14th Annual International Symposium; 06 / 2006

Towards a Unified Model-based Safety Assessment

Peikenkamp, T. and Cavallo, A. and Valacca, L. and Böde, E. and Pretzer, M. and Hahn, E.M.; SAFECOMP 2006. The 27th International Conference on Computer Safety, Security and Reliability; 01 / 2006



Boosting Re-use of Embedded Automotive Applications Through Rich Components

Damm, Werner and Votintseva, Angelika and Metzner, Alexander and Josko, Bernhard and Peikenkamp, Thomas and Böde, Eckard; Proceedings, FIT 2005 - Foundations of Interface Technologies; 08 / 2005



ESACS: An integrated methodology for design and safety analysis of complex systems

Bozzano, M. and Villafiorita, A. and Åkerlund, O. and Bieber, P. and Bougno, C. and Böde, E. and Bretschneider, M. and Cavallo, A. and Castel, C. and Cifaldi, M. and Cimatti, A. and Griffault, A. and Kehren, C. and Lawrence, B, and Lüdtke, A.; Safety and Reliability - Proceedings of the ESREL 2003 Conference; 01 / 2003


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