@inproceedings{Joh2019, Author = {Johann-P. Wolff and Christian Haubelt and Rolf Schmedes and Kim Grüttner}, Title = {Inertial Sensor Based Robot Gesture Detection for Safe Human-Robot Interaction}, Year = {2019}, Month = {03}, Booktitle = {2nd International Workshop on Embedded Software for Industrial IoT (ESIIT) at DATE'19}, type = {inproceedings}, Abstract = {Ensuring safe operations of industrial robots requires not only a set of safe robot instructions, but also the ability to sense, whether the instructions were followed correctly. This process may requires more than just the reading of robot motor’s positions: using sensors not connected to the robot control system can provide information of the robot’s actual movement that can verify the safe operation. For a robot with a limited set of instructions (each containing a fixed sequence of movements), a gesture recognition system using inertial sensors can be used for online safety validation. In this paper, we describe the prototypical design of such a system for safe human-robot-interaction. } } @COMMENT{Bibtex file generated on }