@inproceedings{matviienko_reminding_2020,Author = {Matviienko, Andrii and Ananthanarayan, Swamy and Kappes, Raphael and Heuten, Wilko and Boll, Susanne},Title = {Reminding child cyclists about safety gestures},Year = {2020},Pages = {1-7},Publisher = {Association for Computing Machinery},Series = {PerDis '20},Booktitle = {Proceedings of the 9TH ACM International Symposium on Pervasive Displays},Doi = {10.1145/3393712.3394120},type = {inproceedings},Abstract = {Cycling safety gestures, such as hand signals and shoulder checks, are an essential part of safe manoeuvring on the road. Child cyclists, in particular, might have difficulties performing safety gestures on the road or even forget about them, given the lack of cycling experience, road distractions and differences in motor and perceptual-motor abilities compared with adults. To support them, we designed two methods to remind about safety gestures while cycling. The first method employs an icon-based reminder in heads-up display (HUD) glasses and the second combines vibration on the handlebar and ambient light in the helmet. We investigated the performance of both methods in a controlled test-track experiment with 18 children using a mid-size tricycle, augmented with a set of sensors to recognize children's behavior in real time. We found that both systems are successful in reminding children about safety gestures and have their unique advantages and disadvantages.}}@COMMENT{Bibtex file generated on }