@inproceedings{Agn2020,Author = {Agnetha Flore; Jorge Marx Gómez},Title = {The Maturity Model Designetz-Partner as a Tool for decision-making in the Smart Grid Domain},Year = {2020},Booktitle = {ICEEE 2020 International Conference on Economics, Energy and Environment},type = {inproceedings},Abstract = {This contribution provides an overview of the extent to which maturity models can be used in a targeted manner to capture the ACTUAL and TARGET state of future technologies and services for distribution system operator (DSO), to formulate this as a vision and to plan the migration path into this future (Flore \& Uslar, 2019). For this purpose, basics as well as a specially designed process model will be presented and operationalized by means of a case study. }}@COMMENT{Bibtex file generated on }