@conference{GFV_PESGM2020,Author = {Anand Narayan, Batoul Hage Hassan, Shadi Attarha, Carsten Kr├╝ger, Davood Babazadeh, Sebastian Lehnhoff},Title = {Grid Function Virtualization for Reliable Provision of Services in Cyber-Physical Energy Systems},Year = {2020},Isbn = {978-1-7281-5508-1/ 1944-9933},Booktitle = {Power and Energy Society (PES) General meeting 2020},Organization = {IEEE},type = {conference},Abstract = {Provision of grid services in modern power systems is highly dependent on their automation systems for monitoring,communication and decision making. These automation systems are vital for the reliable operation of the grid during and after disruptive events. This papers explores the concept of Grid Function Virtualization (GFV) as a potential approach to enhance the operational flexibility of grid automation systems.To this end, a review on applications of virtualization in related domains including smart grids is presented. Furthermore, the GFV architecture along with its building blocks is discussed.The benefits of the proposed GFV concept in dealing with power system disruptions is then demonstrated via real time simulations with an ICT-enriched CIGRE MV benchmark grid.}}@COMMENT{Bibtex file generated on }