@inproceedings{8904662,Author = {Beck, E and v. Holdt, K and Meyer, J and Boll, S},Title = {Sneaking Physical Exercise into Sedentary Work Life Design Explorations of Ambient Reminders in Opportune Moments},Year = {2019},Pages = {1-7},Booktitle = {2019 IEEE International Conference on Healthcare Informatics (ICHI)},Doi = {10.1109ICHI.2019.8904662},type = {inproceedings},Abstract = {Prolonged sitting at work can have a negative effect on health, which can be mitigated by engaging in compensatory physical activity. By following a constructive-design-research approach, we developed two interactive prototypes of ambient reminders for encouraging physical exercise in opportune moments at the workplace. To explore the perceived usefulness of the concepts, we conducted a user study with office workers. We report on our lessons learned about what makes a moment during daily work opportune for reminding and conducting a physical exercise, of how to identify these moments with sensing technology, and how to provide unobtrusive but effective notifications during these moments.}}@COMMENT{Bibtex file generated on }