@article{Tim2018,Author = {Tim Claudius Stratmann, Uwe Gruenefeld, Julia Stratmann, Sören Schweigert, Axel Hahn, Susanne Boll},Title = {Mobile Bridge - A Portable Design Simulator for Ship Bridge Interfaces},Journal = {International Journal on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation},Year = {2018},Pages = {6},Month = {12},Series = {12},Booktitle = {International Journal on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation},chapter = {4},Doi = {10.12716/1001.12.04.16},Url = {http://www.transnav.eu/Article_Mobile_Bridge_-_A_Portable_Design_Stratmann,48,863.html},type = {article},Abstract = {Developing new software components for ship bridges is challenging. Mostly due to high costs of testing these components in realistic environments. To reduce these costs the development process is divided into different stages. Whereas, the final test on a real ship bridge is the last step in this process. However, by dividing the development process into different stages new components have to be adapted to each stage individually. To improve the process we propose a mobile ship bridge system to fully support the development process from lab studies to tests in realistic environments. Our system allows developing new software components in the lab and setting it up on a ship bridge without interfering with the vessel's navigational systems. Therefore it is linked to a NaviBox to get necessary information such as GPS, AIS, compass, and radar information. Our system is embedded in LABSKAUS, a test bed for the safety assessment of new e-Navigation systems.}}@COMMENT{Bibtex file generated on }