@inproceedings{Pas2018,Author = {Gliesche, Pascal and Kowalski, Christian and Krahn, Tobias and Drolshagen, Sandra and Hein, Andreas and Pfingsthorn, Max},Title = {A qualitative survey on challenges and use-cases for robotic assistants in nursing care},Year = {2018},Month = {10},Booktitle = {Robots for Assisted Living - IROS'2018 Workshop},Url = {https://www.idiap.ch/workshop/iros2018/contributions},type = {inproceedings},Abstract = {Nursing care robotics applications address one ofthe biggest humanitarian challenges of the future. Shortages ofnursing staff and a growing need for nursing care due to an ag-ing population require innovative technological solutions. How-ever, a significant effort has to be made to achieve acceptanceof such solutions, both from patients and caregivers. In thisextended abstract, preliminary results of a qualitative surveyof nursing care professionals on challenges and requirementsfor robotic assistants is presented. Specifically, six assistancescenarios are detailed where care professionals see the mostbenefit of such assistance. These scenarios serve as a guide forfurther exploratory development within the German federalInnovation Center of nursing care (Pflegeinnovationszentrum,PIZ).}}@COMMENT{Bibtex file generated on }