@inproceedings{buchholz.2021,Author = {Buchholz, Sebastian and Tiemann, Paul Hendrik and Wolgast, Thomas and Scheunert, Alexandra and Gerlach, Jana and Majumdar, Neelotpal and Breitner, Michael and Hofmann, Lutz and Nie├če, Astrid and Weyer, Harmut},Title = {A Sketch of Unwanted Gaming Strategies in Flexibility Provision for the Energy System},Year = {2021},Booktitle = {Energy Informatics and Electro Mobility ICT},type = {inproceedings},Abstract = {Market-based procurement of system services is underway. Flexibility markets, however, are subject to a gaming risk. Different market participants can deteriorate the grid condition by their market behavior or physical actions, to generate flexibility demands and therefore potential profits, resulting in unreliable and unstable grid operation or economic inefficiencies. Such strategies are referred to as gaming. We investigate three gaming strategies regarding congestion management, reactive power management and balancing power provision. Further, we evaluate these strategies, and discuss solution techniques.}}@COMMENT{Bibtex file generated on }