@article{Pau2021,Author = {Paul Kröger, Martin Fränzle},Title = {Bayesian hybrid automata: Reconciling formal methods with metrology},Year = {2021},Pages = {265-275},Month = {11},Booktitle = {it-Information Technology (63)},type = {article},Abstract = {Hybrid system dynamics arises when discrete actions meet continuous behaviour due to physical processes and continuous control. A natural domain of such systems are emerging smart technologies which add elements of intelligence, co-operation, and adaptivity to physical entities. Various flavours of hybrid automata have been suggested as a means to formally analyse dynamics of such systems. In this article, we present our current work on a revised formal model that is able to represent state tracking and estimation in hybrid systems and thereby enhancing precision of verification verdicts.}}@COMMENT{Bibtex file generated on }