@conference{RSE_PowerTech2021,Author = {Batoul Hage Hassan, Anand Narayan, Davood Babazadeh, Marcel Klaes, Sebastian Lehnhoff},Title = {Performance Assessment of State Estimation in Cyber-Physical Energy Systems},Year = {2021},Booktitle = {PowerTech 2021},Organization = {IEEE},type = {conference},Abstract = {In addition to various advantages, the strong in-teraction between power systems and Information and Com-munication Technologies (ICT) makes Cyber-Physical EnergySystems susceptible to new disturbances. State estimation (SE) isa vital part of the energy management system, for several othermonitoring, management, and control services. Failure of stateestimation leads to loss of situational awareness, which in turnhas a detrimental impact on the grid operation. Therefore, it isessential to monitor the performance of state estimation consid-ering various disturbances. This paper presents a model to assessthe performance of the SE service by taking into considerationits requirements from both power and ICT domains. Following areview of existing approaches for performance assessment of theSE service in Smart Grids, a detailed description of the proposedmodel including its elements, metrics, and states is provided. Themodel is then evaluated using different scenarios considering theCIGRE MV benchmark grid.}}@COMMENT{Bibtex file generated on }