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They strengthen the economy, help people, and change all of our lives: innovations. However, from the enhancement of actual information and communication technologies by new ideas to the point of marketability it is a very long road. OFFIS is the shortcut.

Our competences

Energy, health, and transportation – these are the three application-oriented research and development divisions that are now the OFFIS structure. Approx. 250 employees are currently working in numerous ongoing ICT projects. OFFIS also introduced six competence center that concentrate our technological knowledge across the three research and development divisions. The competence center serve as an incubator for new innovative developments in attractive application domains and secure our know-how head start.

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You are interested in most advanced applications in the fields of energy, health or transportation? Or you take stock in special technologies? Please click the corresponding field in the quick guide below and you will be taken directly to the relevant content - enjoy yourself!


The new issue of our OFFIS journal DATAWORK is available for download.

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