The demographic changes and the progress in medical technology present new questions for the health system. How can the teamwork of the protagonists in health care be constructed more efficiently? How can we optimize the support of health care and aftercare? And how have the living and habitation of tomorrow to look like to permit the elderly a maximum of well-being and independence? The information and communication technologies (ICT) help to find answers to the challenges of the future and to implement them adequately.

OFFIS as Designer

For many years we at OFFIS have been researching and developing information technologies for health care and medicine. The Lower Saxony Epidemiological Cancer Register and the significant participation in the development of the DICOM international medical image communication standard are just two of numerous examples of successful OFFIS work. We understand health not only as the absence of sickness but rather – following the definition of the World Health Organisation WHO – as a condition of full physical, mental and social wellbeing. The topics of “Ambient Assisted Living” (the technical support of people in their daily lives) and “Health Services” (analysis of health service situations and new health service concepts) are thus of particular significance in our work.

Concrete Applications

We have classified our concrete applications of the division Health's ICT-Research and -Development in the following R&D-Groups:

Interactive Systems

Data Management and Data Analysis

Automation and Integration Technology

Methods of Health Services Research