The world-wide CO2 emissions have to be massively reduced and the dependency on fossil fuels has to be decreased. Solving climate problems is one of the central responsibilities of the society and economy of our time. Three approaches are pursued: application of renewable energy sources, conservation of energy and increasing energy efficiency. However, how can the energy supply be restructured by new information technologies so that the fluctuating renewable energy sources, which are generally not demand-oriented, are able to support a reliable power supply?  How can a large number of highly efficient combined heat and power plants (CHP) be integrated into energy management? How can the constantly increasing energy consumption of IT itself be reduced?

A second challenge faces us from our political guidelines: The formerly required energy monopolies for uninterrupted service are questioned today and are increasingly split apart by legislation. This entails new business processes and stakeholders (e.g. using electronic meters). The information and communications technologies (ICT) help to find answers for these challenges of the future and to suitably implement them.

OFFIS as Designer

For many years OFFIS has been researching and developing ICT-based concepts and prototypical systems for the energy industry and energy efficiency. Thus, for example decisive contributions were made to the IT integration of decentralized generator units into an energy management, for the energy efficiency in the IT from the computer chip to the computer center and for the management of large IT system landscapes in the energy supply which conform with the standards. In the forefront of all technological work is the contribution to the social and financial challenges of the energy questions of tomorrow. With these interdisciplinary questions we use our network of partners from other disciplines as well as our long-standing cooperation with manufacturers and users.

Concrete Applications

We have classified our concrete applications of the division Energy's ICT-Research and -Development in the following R&D-Groups:

System Analysis and Distributed Optimization

Architecture Engineering and Interoperability

Smart Resource Integration

Simulation and Automation of Complex Energy Systems

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